Case study about promotion with using Facebook

This article's title is focusing on Ad Network, but two cases and one new app is introduced about Facebook campaign in the main text.

Facebook: We Have No Plans for an Ad Network

"According to a Nielsen study, Starbucks' fans and their friends spent 8% more in store and with 11% greater frequency than non-fans who were Starbucks customers. (Asked whether Facebook "fans" were already inherently likelier to purchase since many are presumably loyalists of the brand offline, Mr. Fischer said that "engagement and awareness" driven by Facebook fans can lead to offline sales.) " 

▼Dallas(TV Show)
"TNT's Dallas reboot set to debut in June, which already has 650,000 fans and is regularly posting updates in the voice of the rascally lead character J.R. Ewing. The show's timeline is also filled with memorable moments from the show dating back to 1979."

▼Thank Your Mom
-The app invites users to upload family photos and write messages to their mothers that will then be posted to their news feeds.

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