Is the discovery shopping era going to come ?

This NEWS was announced in May 17, 2012
▼Rakuten Leads Investment In Pinterest

▼Rakuten CEO On The $100M Pinterest Round: We Want Pinterest Users To Pin Images And Buy Using Our ID

I have worked in Rakuten Travel, Inc. from 2003. I think this NEWS is emblematic of changing of e-commerce.

In Japan, electronic environment was poor and main contents was text In 2000's. But Now, main contents is photo and moving image. Rakuten’s Page is called "Rakuten method" (very long page and many text and photos in one page). This method can show message in one page without re-connection. But these page isn't elegant and fancy.

But I think trend of e-commerce has changed. If we can take in like Pinterest's UI in Rakuten Ichiba(Shopping) and Rakuten Travel(Booking hotels and tickets), we'll provide discovery shopping and booking service to users.

Becoming discovery shopping and booking, We have to change UI and photos of page for ease of doing "Pin it".

So Is the discovery shopping era going to come in Japan and all over the world?

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